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Tapestry has taken a leadership role in implementing significant measures to protect the health of our residents and employees and to insulate our communities from COVID-19. In many cases, Tapestry has moved in advance of government and health official regulations taking an extra-precautionary approach.

In the past 10 weeks, we have implemented the following changes:

  • Limited visitation to essential visitors who are actively screened upon entry
  • Implemented physical distancing requirements for residents and employees
  • Removed newspapers and individual food/beverage items from the Bistro
  • Closed seating in the restaurant and pub, moving to pick-up and delivery services for all residents
  • Closed all community amenity spaces to protect against possible cross-contamination
  • Suspended all group wellness activities, events and presentations
  • Continued to heighten housekeeping in all common areas to extraordinary levels
  • Increased the availability of hand sanitizer around the communities
  • Continued to actively screen employees daily to ensure they are healthy and well for work
  • Continued to actively screen residents upon return to the community to ensure they are healthy and showing no symptoms of COVID-19
  • Followed Ontario provincial guidelines (RHRA) that all employees wear masks for the duration of their shift
  • Encouraged Vancouver-based employees to wear masks or face coverings as an enhanced security measure for the duration of their shift
  • Launched a Family Portal to provide resident-designated family members with access to information we are sharing with residents
  • Increased the flow of information throughout our community to increase awareness on what we can do to contain the spread of COVID-19

Again, all of our actions have been taken with the perspective of acting with an abundance of care and caution as we work together to “bend the COVID-19 curve”.

As provincial health officers and governments start to discuss what a “new normal” will look like, we will follow their lead, ever mindful of the need to be measured and thoughtful in how we proceed to guard against the ever-present threat of COVID-19 and a potential resurgence.

Where Tapestry “led” to implement protective measures, we will now “lag” in establishing a “new normal” guided by our belief that under the difficult circumstances, our cautious and disciplined approach is the only way to proceed to help ensure our communities remain healthy and protected from COVID-19.



Frequently Asked Questions (updated April 9, 2020)


  1. Does Tapestry have any confirmed cases of COVID-19?

    To date, Tapestry does NOT have any confirmed cases of COVID-19. We have implemented many significant measures to protect the health of our community and are grateful to our residents and employees for their shared focus on following recommended protocols to reduce any risk for cross-contamination.

  2. Are you able to test residents for COVID-19 in the community?

    We are not able to test residents for COVID-19 in our community. However, we are able to facilitate testing and support residents while they await results, taking an abundance of caution to avoid any potential for cross-contamination and mitigate risk to others.

  3. What happens if a resident is confirmed COVID-19 positive?

    If Tapestry were to have a confirmed case of COVID-19, clinical management of the ill resident along with infection prevention and control measures, would be in accordance with all guidelines of the provincial Centre for Disease Control, local health authorities and regulatory bodies, and the Office of the Provincial Health Officer.

    In brief, the resident would be quarantined in their home, with ongoing health monitoring, limited housekeeping services and meals provided by employees in full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Should the situation worsen or escalate, the ill resident would be transported to hospital for urgent treatment.

  4. If a resident does test positive for COVID-19, are they able to stay with family in another home?

    It is our resident’s choice what they would like to do, but we would not recommend this action nor would it be advisable. The best approach is for the resident to quarantine in their own home while we continue to monitor the situation, providing ongoing services.

  5. Do you advise the family, employees or other residents if someone is confirmed COVID-19 positive?

    It is up to our residents to advise their friends or families of their own personal health situation. We would advise our employees and other residents that someone in the community had tested positive, but due to privacy considerations, we would not reveal the name of the resident(s), beyond what is required to ensure the health of our community and to protect our employees who would be providing health services, limited housekeeping or meal delivery. Of course, we would also be required to advise the appropriate health authorities and regulatory bodies within the provinces where we operate.

  6. Can residents leave their suites?

    Tapestry is an active aging community for independent adults and thus it is up to each resident if they choose to stay in their suite or go out (i.e., take a walk, shop, etc.) We encourage all residents to follow local and federal recommendations that direct staying in their homes, not visiting friends or relatives, and regardless of where they go, maintaining a distance of two metres from others. Thankfully our residents are more than co-operative in this regard and have collaborated with us to ensure the health and safety of our communities is protected. While this is particularly challenging around the holidays and on weekends, it is necessary to mitigate the potential spread of COVID-19.

  7. Do employees wear masks and gloves at all times?

    In Ontario, the Chief Medical Officer has mandated that all employees in seniors’ communities (including Tapestry at Village Gate West) wear masks while on shift, with the exception of break times. In BC, employees have the option of wearing bandanas, except for Health Department employees who must wear personal protective equipment, including gowns, masks and gloves, if they are serving a resident who may be in self-isolation due to experiencing cold and/or flu-like symptoms or as a result of recent travel out of country/province. In all of our communities, all employees are asked to consistently self-monitor for any symptoms and to stay home if they are unwell. Employees also practice physical distancing and strong personal hygiene to reduce any risk for cross-contamination.

  8. Can you provide masks to residents either in the community or when they go out?

    Unfortunately not. Masks are in critical demand by health care professionals and there is a worldwide shortage of this extremely important personal protective gear. However, we are pleased to advise that we have ordered bandanas for all residents that can be turned into basic masks with two simple elastics. (Estimated to arrive the week of April 13 – more information will follow.)

    It is important to note that Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer says that while wearing a mask is an additional measure one can take to protect others, it doesn’t necessarily protect the person wearing it. The most important actions we can take to protect ourselves from COVID-19 are practicing physical distancing and strong personal hygiene. These simple acts can make the difference between illness and wellness.

  9. How are you engaging residents during this challenging period?

    In this unprecedented time of pandemic, our employees are finding extraordinary ways to engage and inspire residents. We are taking unique approaches to providing opportunities for physical activities, like our balcony workouts at Arbutus Walk and Wesbrook Village and our limited one-on-one sessions in Village Gate West. We have turned happy hour into special afternoon corridor visits with cocktails on offer! We are currently creating work-out videos that residents will be able to view on our website. More exciting activities and ideas are in the works! We welcome your feedback and ideas.

  10. How are you taking care of your employees during this time?

    We have received so many cards of thanks and appreciation recognizing the effort and contribution of our dedicated employees. Thank you for taking the time to let us know that you are pleased with our efforts. This is the best appreciation we could ever receive – and it means the world to our employees! We are very proud of our employees and in recognition of their contribution, every employee working in our community is receiving a 10% pay premium retroactive to March 17, 2020. We are also providing one free meal to every employee in each Tapestry community. Both of these incentives are in place until further notice.



Throughout this pandemic, our employees have flexed their creative muscle to ensure we deliver our wellness-inspired mandate, even while we observe physical distancing requirements. Read more about our extraordinary response in these unprecedented times:





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